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Anno Online
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  • Build an Empire from Scratch
  • Make Treaties and Trade Partners on the High Seas
  • Balance your Economy and Help your City Flourish
  • Form Alliances with your Friends and other Players
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Build the Perfect City in Anno Online for Free

Experience the medieval world like never before as you have the chance to create your own mighty city in this free-to-play online strategy game.


The Anno series of strategy games is known the world over and now it is time to take on the challenges of the medieval simulation game right in your browser. Anno Online is a free-to-play online game that will allow you to create your own medieval city alongside players from around the world. True to the series’ tradition, there are many features that will help you build large cities with more than 120 different building types, letting your city grow to host over 800 structures.

However, it is not just about what you build in your city that is important - you must make sure your finances are in order as well. Anno Online features a detailed economic system that will challenge players to care for their city’s population, manage produce and face more and more demands from the ever-growing city. This also includes asynchronous trading, which means you can set up trade offers and accept trades from other players.

Naturally, it will be important to focus on your starting island. This is where your ships will leave port and sail the world to collect goods and trade your wares. Your ships will even be visible in your trading partner’s port, made possible by the detailed graphics of the browser-based strategy game.

In addition to trading with other players, you have the opportunity to play alongside players in cooperative gameplay. This includes an extensive guild system which will enable players to create mighty dynasties and work together to create epic monuments that will live on through the ages.

Anno Online lets you create a city and forge an economic empire right in your browser. You must use your strategic skills and diplomatic abilities if you wish to become a force to be reckoned with. Team up with other players in a guild or go it alone, but either way, the road to riches is a long one!

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